100 Mini Cross Stitch Patterns

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Discover the joy of cross-stitching with "100 Mini Cross Stitch Patterns"!

Are you looking for a small project to finish quickly? Or would you like to add additional elements to an existing cross-stitch pattern? If so, this is the perfect addition to your library! These patterns are great for both beginners and seasoned stitchers looking for new, small, and adorable projects.

Key Features:

  • Size-Friendly Designs: All patterns are less than 4 inches in size (using 14 ct Aida fabric), making them ideal for quick projects and ornaments.
  • Hoop Compatibility: Most designs will comfortably fit a 5" or 4" embroidery hoop, depending on the size of Aida cloth you choose.
  • Variety of Motifs: With 100 motifs to choose from, you'll always have inspiration. This download covers various colorful subjects, from florals and animals to food and seasonal themes.
  • Full-Color Patterns: Each design comes with full-color patterns, complete with DMC color codes and stitched thumbnails, making it easy to reference and bring your creations to life.
  • Pattern Keeper compatible: Included with your downloads are black-and-white PDFs that are compatible with the Pattern Keeper software.

Patterns include:

  • Animals and Creatures (alien, beetle, bluebird, butterfly, cats, caterpillar, chicken, chinchilla, cow, crow, dinosaurs, dogs, dolphin, dragonfly, duck, elephant, flamingo, fox, frog, gnome, goldfish, grasshopper, guinea pig, hamster, hedgehog, jellyfish, ladybug, lion, llama, monster, owl, raven, rooster, spider, squirrel, starfish, toucan, turtle, and Yeti)
  • Food (apple, avocado, boba tea, burger, burrito, cheesecake, cherries, coffee, cookie, cupcake, donut, egg, eggplant, french fries, grapes, hot dog, ice cream, jalapeño, lemons, muffin, peach, pineapple, pizza, strawberry, sushi, tomato, watermelon)
  • Plants and Nature (autumn leaf, cactus, earth, four-leaf clover, houseplant, landscape, lavender, monstera leaf, mushrooms, pumpkin, rainbow, snowflake, sunflower, tree, tulip)
  • Objects (anchor, bell, camera, Christmas tree, crown, diamond, flame, game controller, present, guitar, headphones, heart, pawprint, potion, star)
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100 cross-stitch patterns in PDF format.

Color PDF (.zip file)
PDF charts in full color
B&W PDF (.zip file)
PDF charts in B&W (Pattern Keeper compatible)
Small-sized mini patterns
All patterns are smaller than 4"
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100 Mini Cross Stitch Patterns

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